Return & Exchange Policy

Return & Exchange Policy

Very tidy process for you, but we are making it simpler.

Regarding the Color Of The Product / Not Received Exact Color
While placing an order customers are advised keep in mind some minor variation in color. Although extra attention is given to accurately reproduce colors, as seen on the monitor by you, still there may be minor variations in color of the actual product due to the nature of fabric dyes. Variation may also be felt because of different resolutions, monitors, video cards, operating systems, and internet browsers used. Garments also have a tendency to reflect different shades of color under different lights.

A 10% variation in shade is considered as normal.
The customers who are preferring items with beaded embroidery and sequins must be aware of the fact that these shiny embellishments have a tendency to come off. Remember, even with the best of handling and care, this problem cannot be avoided altogether. So, before ordering such item please keeps these things in mind.

Regarding Product Not Liked / Not Satisfied

Once you had received your order in your hand, and after opening and going through the product and you are "Not Satisfied" OR "Not Liked The Product" then in this scenario you have to mail us within 24 hours / Call us . While emailing us please mentioned this point in your Subject Line: "Not Satisfied OR Not Liked The Product with your order number " also mentioned why you are not satisfied OR not liked the product with the valid reason,  if you fail to do so in 24 hours after then we would not entertain any queries, and no return and exchange would be done in those cases.

As once we received Email / Call from your side within 24 hours after receiving the product, please give us 1 day, and we would respond you on the same via Email / would call you in some cases.
We would provide you our shipping address and you have to return the product back to us the shipping cost would be bare by you.
Once we received product to our warehouse we would give you refund / store credits that you can opt for next purchase.
And in the case of refund of your money we would deduct 10% of the amount and then we would give you refund to your bank account.

Wrong Product Received

As we are also humans and in some cases this might happened so please co-operate with us in such scenario we are here to help you out.

Once you had received the product and while going through the product if you found the product is wrong and you have not got the item as ordered then in such cases Email us with snapshot of the product within 24 hours of the time and also mentioned in Subject Line: "Wrong Product Received With your Order Number" as once the product received to you.

We would go through your email and snapshot of the product and if we found that mistake is our's then we would respond you within 48 hours of time.

You have to shipped the product back to us once you have received Email from us, at the time of shipping the product the cost is to be bare by you and whatever cost bare by you for shipping we would give you store credits for those, and also we would shipped same product back to you.

But in some certain scenario if the product is found out of stock then in this case we would inform you same via Email, that the product is not in stock so you can choose another product from our store, and if you like any other product from our store and if there is difference in prices from 20 Rs to 40 Rs then in this case we would demand you to pay extra, but if amount differs from above 40 Rs then we would demand you to pay the difference amount.

For Stitched Products & Measurement Related

If you have demanded for stitching for your order then in this case you have to provide us your perfect "Body Measurements" at the time of placing the orders, but once you have placed the successful order and you think there is some mistake in measurement you can call us directly and can discuss with us on the same and we would edit your measurement according to you.

We would confirm measurement and sizes on the Email id with you and would wait for your response for 1 day for the same and if in return no email is received then we would start processing on your order and then no changes would be done once the product processing is being started by us. Then in this case no return or exchange would be possible, so please take it into consideration.

Once we Email you the measurement and sizes and you have confirmed that it is perfect within 1 day we would be starting our work on your order according to your email, and once we would shipped your order and it is being received by you, and you have tested it by wearing and if you feel that some sizes are not perfect OR the whole dress is not according to your size, then in this case you have take pictures of every snapshot with measurement tape and send those snapshot via email within 2 days of time once you received the ordered we would go through your measurement email which you had confirmed with us after placing the order with us, we would compare measurement with your snapshot of your last email that you had send us, and if we found that measurement is perfect, then we can help you out by providing some alterations in the products, you have to send the product back to us and we would do some alterations and would send you product once alterations is done. But NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE IS POSSIBLE IN THIS SCENARIO, PLEASE TAKE IT INTO CONSIDERATION.

But if mistake is our's and we have not stitched as per your measurement then is this case we would give you store credits so that you can buy another product from our online store.

Defect or Damage Product Received

  • A complaint has to be made within 48 hours of receiving the goods.
  • Complaint has to be made on email with subject as "Complaint" for {Order number} and {Product code}
  • A picture of the damaged part has to be sent via e-mail for assurance.
  • Our team reviews it within 1 business day and offers you a solution as any one of the following a) Replace defective good immediately free of charge. b) Offer you a credit note. c) Refund full amount would be done and it would be reflected into your account within 7 to 10 working days.
  • Procedure = Complaint –> Complaint Redressal within 1 business day by Team -> Mutually Acceptable agreement -> Happy Ending and a Happy Customer!